Women’s Advisory Council

Women’s Advisory Council

Welcome to the Life University (LIFE) Women’s Advisory Council. Our mission is to contribute our collective expertise, skills and leadership for the wellness and healing of the LIFE family and the communities we serve. We will achieve this by:

  • Sharing our expertise with Life University President Dr. Rob Scott and his administration
  • Conducting virtual workshops around health and wellness for Life University students and the community
  • Providing information and opportunities about program resources that can benefit Life University

The purpose of the Women’s Advisory Council is to help Life University fulfill its mission of empowering each student with the education, skills and values to implement a world centered on vitalistic thinking and action. Life University’s programs are designed to educate students to identify and correct interference, allowing living systems to improve expression of their innate potential. We will implement this vision and effectively tell the Life University story to varied constituencies in our communities where we live and work.

Our overall goal is to provide guidance, forge collaborations with external partners, and address opportunities and issues of concern to female students, faculty and staff at Life University. This very impressive group of Women Leaders will also mentor and shape programs that will elevate the Life University mission and global vision of excellence in teaching, learning and research, leading to a life of Integrity and Lasting Purpose.

Women’s Advisory Council Liaison
Angela Y. Getter, CFRM
Executive Director of Development
Life University
1269 Barclay Circle,
Marietta, GA 30060