Love&Garlic ‘Spreadables’ @ Sumner Peck Farmstore on Hwy 41

Just delivered: a bushel of spreads to the Sumner Peck Ranch Farmstore on Hwy 41.

You can’t miss the building, it’s PURPLE.

Love & Garlic ‘Spreadables’, creamy spreads of goat & cream cheeses infused with  Artichoke,  Garlic   or Fig & Walnut.

Try them with our hand crafted Garlic Crostini. Perfect for picnics, road travel, snacks or a hostess gift.

 Look for Love & Garlic ‘Spreadables’ in the refrigerator case (on the left) as you enter.

Roasted Garlic ‘Spreadable’  

Lemon Garlic Artichoke ‘Spreadable’  

Local Fig & Walnut ‘Spreadable’                          Handcrafted Garlic Crostini


  Try Roasted Garlic on your Burger

Stir Lemon Artichoke into Pasta

Spread Fig Walnut on Bagels or Waffles

you can’t miss with….

Love & Garlic California Artisan Foods


My Favorite Spring Picnic

Of all the picnics I will attend and cater, the benchmark is my family’s Easter Picnic at Quinta Fay (a magical place).

At any good get together, a certain vibe ignites. The combustible ingredients are the holy trinity of perfect parties: the location, the guests and the food. This year, as well as last, a new vibe, babies! … a fresh Spring crop of babies from nephews and nieces, our babies had babies and the circle of life continues. Conversation, connections, music, magic tricks and even a survey and mini juried art show filled the air. Did I mention the food? The food is always amazing and as diverse as our group. This year even more so, I think babies had something to do with it.

I especially want to thank our honored hosts Peter and Lenore without whom Quinta Fay would not exist as our Easter picnic ‘grounds’. For catered Spring Picnics, Love and Garlic can create the food and decor,  but you must bring your own babies! 

 Love and Garlic,  Nancy Vajretti

Roasted Garlic Deviled Eggs w/ Tapanade



Roasted Eggplant-Bells-&-Herb Goat Cheese

Bob’s Armenian String Cheese & Yolanchi


Bob’s Hummus


Easter Pie & /vegetarian Version Ricotta Quiche













BBQ Spring Lamb



Of Easter Pie & Spring Picnics…it’s a TRADITION!


To know Nancy is to know how much I love Easter Pie and the traditions ‘Of Easter Pie & Spring Picnics’. It’s a tradition! Each year my family and I ‘gather and cook’ Easter Pie and the vegetarian version, Ricotta Quiche. Thanks to Love & Garlic’s  commissary and our PRODUCTION COOKING methods, the ‘fruits of our labor’ yield 36 Easter Pies and 20 Ricotta Quiche (oh yes, Generation 3, are vegetarians). It’s a tradition! Each year we give the gift of food’ …adorable, precious, scrumptious handcrafted pies to our family and friends .  It’s a tradition! Each year we ‘gather’ friends and family at a historic ranch in Gustine for our annual ‘Rite of Spring’ Easter Picnic. This tradition and the foods we eat come from the cooking of the Great San Joaquin, Spring lamb, Portuguese beans, rosemary garlic chicken, Greek salad, Asparagus, polenta, and on and on. Peter brings the big bbq rig, the guys bbq and the day begins. Guests from all areas and walks of life enter into the Spanish inspired hacienda and gardens of our hosts. Everyone brings delectable foods, we visit, drink Sangria and fine wines, ’tis the Rite of our Spring Picnic. JOIN OUR EASTER TRADITIONS…

Gather 12 of your friends for our Production Cooking class. You receive 24 Easter Pies & 12 Ricotta Quiche  $60 per person

Give the Gift of Food, 2 lb half pies, $19.50 and 4 lb round pies, $29.50.

Gather family and friends for a ‘Easter Spring Picnic’. We will offer a true picnic and send you with baskets of foods and supplies for 12 and up or we will recreate, ‘basque’ style, a bbq on the open grill… lamb and chicken  along with the foods of the Great San Joaquin…24 minimum. The price, around $20.00- $35 per person. Prices will vary depending on menu and services. Read more…


‘ Vineyard Weddings’ by Love & Garlic at Engelmann Cellars Sunday JOIN US!




Taste Taste Taste… Taste & CompareTaste & Pair


Love & Garlic and 24 Wedding Professionals will be at Engelmann Cellars this Sunday February 24th from 12-4PM. Wines from Engelmann Cellars, Artisan foods from Love & Garlic, wedding cakes from Barb’s Cakery, sweet treats from Sweeties and more. I heard it thru the grapevine that Walker Lewis will create a Lounge experience in this season’s new neutrals. For us, love, love, love this season’s pastels and luxury fabrics. See our Vineyard Wedding Style. Enjoy the Vineyard, the Wines, Foods, Music & all the pros of our industry. 

 I won’t be CRUSHED when you JOIN US on Sunday at ‘A Bridal Showcase’, Engelmann Cellars an extraordinary vineyard venue. Visit our Vineyard Wedding Canopy to plan your special day. Great California Artisan food is what we are all about.    Taste & Pair with Love & Garlic, Nancy Vajretti


Please visit our sites



Be The Valentine!

Food Fact; Saint Valentine’s Day, commonly known as Valentine’s Day,[1][2][3] or the Feast of Saint Valentine celebrating life of St. Valentine with food and gifts shaped like hearts.

Food is only one of the many ways to show love to another person, especially if you are Italian. A “Love Meal” might take more time than you have to spend, so taking your love to dinner is the next best thing or is it? Let me pull on your heart strings and suggest another idea: A romantic meal in the comfort of your home! Revisit your dining room table with candlelight and much wine (because you’re not driving) and take full advantage of the situation!

Add Love & Garlic’s hand crafted cannelloni. Just pop it in the oven, cork some wine and make the world shine! We can  include our signature crostini and spreads.  “Allow me to serve you,” and that will get the pilot light on! Follow with dinner, romantic music  and…. Or give the gift of knowledge: How about a Cioppino Chef Series class? Something to warm your Valentine and guests on a cold eve, this stew was invented by local fishermen to fulfill the soul and the body. Invite friends to join our Cioppino class and share some fish stew, spread the love and “Be the Valentine”. 

Visit  to see the rest of it!


Chef Series III Gather & Cook ‘Cioppino’!

 What could be better than gathering with your best friends to cook what I think is the best winter stew on the planet, ‘Cioppino’. Created by the Portuguese and Italian fishermen of the central bays, this is a simple catch of the day stew served w/ crusty sour dough bread cooked fresh and eaten at the pier.   Wrap your hands around a hot bowl of your favorite seafood in a zesty stew and let your senses swirl in this intoxicating brew. Crab season is at its peak so let’s get cooking. We offer this wonderful fish stew two ways:

1. As a cooking class at your place or ours…learn the secrets and techniques of creating a perfect hearty, healthy classic cioppino. This is a must have in your recipe arsenal.  Minimum 12 persons $60 per person.

2. As a cioppino party… this stew was designed to be eaten fresh from the kettle, best served family style. We will do the cooking with on site chef, you do the eating!  Minimum 25 persons $50-$65 per person. Price varies based on number of guests, event specifics.

Note: Both 1 & 2  w/crusty sour dough bread, winter greens salad and polenta cake for dessert.  Appetizers, too!


12 Foods of Christmas #3

This is my husband Rick singing: “On the third day of Christmas my true love gave to me, a big fat pan of  Artichoke Lasagna w/cheeeese, yummm!”

A La Famiglia Myth: When I had my Deli, ‘La Famiglia’ in Los Banos, I learned that if a woman was with child and wanted to give birth, she ordered a big helping of our La Famiglia Lasagna, seemed it was a remedy for inducing labor. Still in wonder, my ladies would call to say that after eating a large quantity of this layered goodness, they had given birth! You don’t have to be carrying a belly full of baby to enjoy our artisan Artichoke meatless lasagna. For friends, relatives, partners and employees,  it is a great gift of food. Bring it to a Holiday ‘potluck’ or serve it to your family for dinner, it freezes well and also heats up quickly in the microwave.   



Burt Wolf, noted food historian has said that Rome is like a lasagna: The foundation is the Ancient City, followed by the Renaissance in all its glory. Next, Rome, the City of La Dolce Vita, according to Burt, is the peppering of cheese and spice of life. I never thought of lasagna as Rome’s layers of history but as they say in Roma, ‘ma certo!’


If you order 6 pans Pumpkin Ravioli or Lasagna, they are $30 ea and for ten, $26.50 ea. Gift the Gift of Food!                Love & Garlic, Nancy V


The 12 Foods of Christmas, #2

Cannelloni “a partner’s perk”

On the second day of Christmas my sister gave to me, an order for our handcrafted  cannelloni…

Every Holiday between Christmas and New Years, my sister orders gift cannelloni for Dr. John’s partners. They love this partner “perk,”  a wonderful gift of food to share with family and friends, it’s a tradition!

Cute story of family lore: During the many years of cooking w/my Mom, she would say, “Nancy, promise never to change my classic recipes.” I have diligently respected Mom’s recipes and especially her method, however, as eating habits changed, I realized the need to update Mom’s recipe, for example, to create a vegetarian version. Even in our family, we have vegetarian preferences. Family applaud the upated versions reflecting vegetarian tastes. As a result, our hand crafted cannelloni are available in three varieties: Artichoke sauced with an Artichoke Cream, Porcini Mushroom sauced with a Porcini Cream and Mom’s Classic Roasted Chicken or Veal w/ Spinach.  Our cannelloni are special order so please call early to give us time to prepare. Order your handcrafted traditional and updated versions today.  Give the gift of food from Love & Garlic California Artisan Foods & Catering.


St. Stephen’s Day, December 26, is a traditional holiday in Catalonia. It is celebrated right after Christmas, with a feast including canelons. They are small pasta ‘pipes’stuffed with ground meat from the escudella i carn d’olla, turkey or capon of the previous day (Christmas dinner).

TO SEE MORE OF LOVE & GARLIC our site is filled w/ event photos and much more!


You Toss the Salad!

Feast with your eyes our popular seasonal favorite, Pumpkin Ravioli with Creamy Alfredo garnished w/Pomegranate and Parmesan. We feature several foods, entree’s, side dishes and hors d’ oeuvres that can simply be heated and served to add to your Holiday parties, gatherings for grand entertaining or just great eats. Let me know if you’ll toss the salad. I will prepare the entree, side dish and hors d’ oeuvres. Call to order artisan foods from Love & Garlic. 


Call to Order

For family…for friends…for hostess gifts…for your holiday gatherings. You toss the salad!

By the way we make salads too!  

If you are thinking to gift several: corporate gifts, partner perks, employee rewards, client thank yous, I have a deal for you ….6 for $30 ea, 10 for 26.50 ea. Give me a call.


Rain or Shine Gazebo Gardens Today…Nancy cooks!


As I sit at my table writing this BLOG, I am looking at my persimmon tree laden with fruit. Ah yes, Autumn speaks. Rain or shine today, I will celebrate Autumn into Winter, the Spirit of the Harvest & the Holidays to come. Join me at Gazebo Gardens at 1PM today. I will cook…yummy Truffled Mac n’ Cheese. Along with the Mac n’ Cheese, I will feature   our LOVE & GARLIC PASTA BAR: Truffled Mac N’ Cheese, Pumpkin Ravioli, Porcini Tortelloni & our L&G PASTA BAR GARNISHES. Perfect for Thanksgivng, Holiday Side Dishes or the Main Event.

TRENDING NOW at LOVE & GARLIC: Our CHEF SERIES II Field Suppers/Barn Dinners. This is a COOKING CLASS for 12 minimum or a Family Style catered event for 25 (Minimum). Come to Gazebo Gardens today, we can ‘chew’ on all  the possibilities.  GOTTA’ GO — SKY IS CLEARING…SEE YOU THERE. .. Gazebo Gardens Nursery on Van Ness & Sheilds.




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