This is the new spot for all kinds of articles and snippets regarding the foods that make up the essence of Farm Table Fresh.

Farm Table Fresh is our forum and collective conversation centered on the Ag Story. Our nucleus is the San Joaquin great Central Valley in California. But the ag story extends throughout our country.  The powerful subjects that concern our Earth are our definite focus.


I am grouping my posts into several categories, as if they were a collection of stories grouped into chapters.  They are:

Lessons Legacy & Lore
Stories, of learning, of traditions, stories of humor.

Cooking Secrets of the Lazy V
I didn’t ‘think’ this title, rather it sprung from inside me. From my Mom, I learned to cook by first knowing how foods should taste. The Lazy V: A Passion for food, a resort state of mind, my Mom gathered all around her fire to celebrate life, cooking and the art of eating.

We are all connected. Look above, feel the Earth, cut an orange.

The Last Supper
Memorable meals, memorable food moments, the last bite– no disrespect intended, I just want to know that if this supper were your last, would it have been your best.


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