Love&Garlic ‘Spreadables’ @ Sumner Peck Farmstore on Hwy 41

Just delivered: a bushel of spreads to the Sumner Peck Ranch Farmstore on Hwy 41.

You can’t miss the building, it’s PURPLE.

Love & Garlic ‘Spreadables’, creamy spreads of goat & cream cheeses infused with  Artichoke,  Garlic   or Fig & Walnut.

Try them with our hand crafted Garlic Crostini. Perfect for picnics, road travel, snacks or a hostess gift.

 Look for Love & Garlic ‘Spreadables’ in the refrigerator case (on the left) as you enter.

Roasted Garlic ‘Spreadable’  

Lemon Garlic Artichoke ‘Spreadable’  

Local Fig & Walnut ‘Spreadable’                          Handcrafted Garlic Crostini


  Try Roasted Garlic on your Burger

Stir Lemon Artichoke into Pasta

Spread Fig Walnut on Bagels or Waffles

you can’t miss with….

Love & Garlic California Artisan Foods



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