My Favorite Spring Picnic

Of all the picnics I will attend and cater, the benchmark is my family’s Easter Picnic at Quinta Fay (a magical place).

At any good get together, a certain vibe ignites. The combustible ingredients are the holy trinity of perfect parties: the location, the guests and the food. This year, as well as last, a new vibe, babies! … a fresh Spring crop of babies from nephews and nieces, our babies had babies and the circle of life continues. Conversation, connections, music, magic tricks and even a survey and mini juried art show filled the air. Did I mention the food? The food is always amazing and as diverse as our group. This year even more so, I think babies had something to do with it.

I especially want to thank our honored hosts Peter and Lenore without whom Quinta Fay would not exist as our Easter picnic ‘grounds’. For catered Spring Picnics, Love and Garlic can create the food and decor,  but you must bring your own babies! 

 Love and Garlic,  Nancy Vajretti

Roasted Garlic Deviled Eggs w/ Tapanade



Roasted Eggplant-Bells-&-Herb Goat Cheese

Bob’s Armenian String Cheese & Yolanchi


Bob’s Hummus


Easter Pie & /vegetarian Version Ricotta Quiche













BBQ Spring Lamb




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