Be The Valentine!

Food Fact; Saint Valentine’s Day, commonly known as Valentine’s Day,[1][2][3] or the Feast of Saint Valentine celebrating life of St. Valentine with food and gifts shaped like hearts.

Food is only one of the many ways to show love to another person, especially if you are Italian. A “Love Meal” might take more time than you have to spend, so taking your love to dinner is the next best thing or is it? Let me pull on your heart strings and suggest another idea: A romantic meal in the comfort of your home! Revisit your dining room table with candlelight and much wine (because you’re not driving) and take full advantage of the situation!

Add Love & Garlic’s hand crafted cannelloni. Just pop it in the oven, cork some wine and make the world shine! We can  include our signature crostini and spreads.  “Allow me to serve you,” and that will get the pilot light on! Follow with dinner, romantic music  and…. Or give the gift of knowledge: How about a Cioppino Chef Series class? Something to warm your Valentine and guests on a cold eve, this stew was invented by local fishermen to fulfill the soul and the body. Invite friends to join our Cioppino class and share some fish stew, spread the love and “Be the Valentine”. 

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