Chef Series III Gather & Cook ‘Cioppino’!

 What could be better than gathering with your best friends to cook what I think is the best winter stew on the planet, ‘Cioppino’. Created by the Portuguese and Italian fishermen of the central bays, this is a simple catch of the day stew served w/ crusty sour dough bread cooked fresh and eaten at the pier.   Wrap your hands around a hot bowl of your favorite seafood in a zesty stew and let your senses swirl in this intoxicating brew. Crab season is at its peak so let’s get cooking. We offer this wonderful fish stew two ways:

1. As a cooking class at your place or ours…learn the secrets and techniques of creating a perfect hearty, healthy classic cioppino. This is a must have in your recipe arsenal.  Minimum 12 persons $60 per person.

2. As a cioppino party… this stew was designed to be eaten fresh from the kettle, best served family style. We will do the cooking with on site chef, you do the eating!  Minimum 25 persons $50-$65 per person. Price varies based on number of guests, event specifics.

Note: Both 1 & 2  w/crusty sour dough bread, winter greens salad and polenta cake for dessert.  Appetizers, too!



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