Our 12 Days of Food SPECIAL Priced…

3 Great Pastas

-Classic Pumpkin Ravioli

-Unique Love & Garlic Artichoke Lasagna

-Traditional Artisan Cannelloni

Let us help you fill your friends, family, client, employee X-mas stockings with the Gift of Food.

Purchase 6 orders of Pumpkin Ravioli or 6 orders Artichoke Lasagna for $30 ea (a savings of $39).                    Purchase 10 orders of either Pumpkin Ravioli or Artichoke Lasagna for $26.50 ea (a savings of $100).                

Freeze our Artisan Pasta knowing it is tucked away ready for the party! 

FYI New Year’s week is Cannelloni (production) Week. Purchase 10 for a savings of $100!  





12 Foods of Christmas #3

This is my husband Rick singing: “On the third day of Christmas my true love gave to me, a big fat pan of  Artichoke Lasagna w/cheeeese, yummm!”

A La Famiglia Myth: When I had my Deli, ‘La Famiglia’ in Los Banos, I learned that if a woman was with child and wanted to give birth, she ordered a big helping of our La Famiglia Lasagna, seemed it was a remedy for inducing labor. Still in wonder, my ladies would call to say that after eating a large quantity of this layered goodness, they had given birth! You don’t have to be carrying a belly full of baby to enjoy our artisan Artichoke meatless lasagna. For friends, relatives, partners and employees,  it is a great gift of food. Bring it to a Holiday ‘potluck’ or serve it to your family for dinner, it freezes well and also heats up quickly in the microwave.   



Burt Wolf, noted food historian has said that Rome is like a lasagna: The foundation is the Ancient City, followed by the Renaissance in all its glory. Next, Rome, the City of La Dolce Vita, according to Burt, is the peppering of cheese and spice of life. I never thought of lasagna as Rome’s layers of history but as they say in Roma, ‘ma certo!’


If you order 6 pans Pumpkin Ravioli or Lasagna, they are $30 ea and for ten, $26.50 ea. Gift the Gift of Food!                Love & Garlic, Nancy V


The 12 Foods of Christmas, #2

Cannelloni “a partner’s perk”

On the second day of Christmas my sister gave to me, an order for our handcrafted  cannelloni…

Every Holiday between Christmas and New Years, my sister orders gift cannelloni for Dr. John’s partners. They love this partner “perk,”  a wonderful gift of food to share with family and friends, it’s a tradition!

Cute story of family lore: During the many years of cooking w/my Mom, she would say, “Nancy, promise never to change my classic recipes.” I have diligently respected Mom’s recipes and especially her method, however, as eating habits changed, I realized the need to update Mom’s recipe, for example, to create a vegetarian version. Even in our family, we have vegetarian preferences. Family applaud the upated versions reflecting vegetarian tastes. As a result, our hand crafted cannelloni are available in three varieties: Artichoke sauced with an Artichoke Cream, Porcini Mushroom sauced with a Porcini Cream and Mom’s Classic Roasted Chicken or Veal w/ Spinach.  Our cannelloni are special order so please call early to give us time to prepare. Order your handcrafted traditional and updated versions today.  Give the gift of food from Love & Garlic California Artisan Foods & Catering.


St. Stephen’s Day, December 26, is a traditional holiday in Catalonia. It is celebrated right after Christmas, with a feast including canelons. They are small pasta ‘pipes’stuffed with ground meat from the escudella i carn d’olla, turkey or capon of the previous day (Christmas dinner).

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