Rain or Shine Gazebo Gardens Today…Nancy cooks!


As I sit at my table writing this BLOG, I am looking at my persimmon tree laden with fruit. Ah yes, Autumn speaks. Rain or shine today, I will celebrate Autumn into Winter, the Spirit of the Harvest & the Holidays to come. Join me at Gazebo Gardens at 1PM today. I will cook…yummy Truffled Mac n’ Cheese. Along with the Mac n’ Cheese, I will feature   our LOVE & GARLIC PASTA BAR: Truffled Mac N’ Cheese, Pumpkin Ravioli, Porcini Tortelloni & our L&G PASTA BAR GARNISHES. Perfect for Thanksgivng, Holiday Side Dishes or the Main Event.

TRENDING NOW at LOVE & GARLIC: Our CHEF SERIES II Field Suppers/Barn Dinners. This is a COOKING CLASS for 12 minimum or a Family Style catered event for 25 (Minimum). Come to Gazebo Gardens today, we can ‘chew’ on all  the possibilities.  GOTTA’ GO — SKY IS CLEARING…SEE YOU THERE. .. Gazebo Gardens Nursery on Van Ness & Sheilds. 




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