Cannin’ & Jammin’ for the winter pantry

I have met a great group of women organized through a Facebook page, The Empowered Pantry. Driven by the mantra of shopping local and cooking healthy, their FB page operates as a virtual community bulletin board. At any moment, I will receive a comment, photo, link, etc: “My kids just ate broccoli!”…”I just found a great buy, organic apple juice! … “Oops, I sinned, decadent cheesy saucy but  homemade wheat crust pizza.” Actually, they found me. Amy Horn, Founder of EPFB picked up one of my ‘Cannin & Jammin’ brochures at The Peach Tree Farmstore.* Oct 8, we gathered for an end of season production cooking  class for tomatoes. Our canning intent is to fill the larder with Summer’s great abundance of produce. The rule, to eat fresh in the Summer and canned in the Winter. But how we could we resist eating the fruits of our labor! Here are some of the comments Rick my husband heard from our class:

 “I poured home made ketchup on my meatloaf  just like Nancy suggested, delicious!”    “Burgers tonight, I love the perfect consistency and could not help myself as I dabbed my little finger in the puddle of saucy goodness and put it to my tongue”, wow!    “I watched my family as they devoured the pasta with the Basil Red Sauce we made in class… silence and the chiming of silverware, music to my ears.”  “The BBQ sauce we made was perfection on tri-tip, I brushed it on right off the grill”   and Rick says “these are more recollections than exact quotes.”

Enjoy the photos of our happy canners and hum the tune from the ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’ while reading what we produced this Autumn eve:  ‘On an Autumn eve in October, my 12 canners produced: 60 pints of tomato jam, 30 quarts of Basil Red, 12 pints of Ketchup and 12 pints of finger linkin’ good Barbieeeee-Que(ooo) sauce.  ENTER TO WIN: SEND ME AN AUDIO FILE OF YOU SINGING THIS TUNE. THE WINNER RECEIVES A FREE COOKING CLASS (AND ALL THAT JAM!)

*Summer, pick up our ‘Cannin’ & Jammin’ brochures at The Peach Tree Farmstore (& sign-up for their newsletter), Bella Frutta, Sumner Peck Farmstore (and our Spreadables on Fwy 41) and Simonian Farms. Look for our Autumn Chef’s Series brochures featuring Field Suppers & Barn Dinners, great family style entertaining and cooking for all seasons. See our menus, The Harvest, The Hunt & Americana.

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IMG_7245 (800x572)

Check out the empowered cooks & canners at    Amy will direct you to the FB page!


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