Cannin’ and Jammin’ Aug.

We had a seasoned group of canners last night. We produced, 48pts of peach jam, 32qt pie filling, 16qt fruit syrup, 8pts BBQ sauce and a big piece of fresh baked peach cobbler.


The students were mostly seasoned canners and came as a group.


This is a typical production board. The red check marks indicate what is done! 


Peaches are in high season, look at these peaches, what’s better than that!


Sliced with skin on adds color and texture.


Beautiful peaches, well seasoned and ready for processing.


Chef Sean was the only one sweating over the stove.


One very important step actually has two parts, first to sterilize the bottles, secondly heating up jars and lids prevents bottles from cracking when hot liquid is poured into jars.


The process of canning is so much easier when one can spread out on a large work table and use industrial equipment.


These canners are almost finished, we have our staff clean-up and wash all dishes and pots.


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