Easter Pie a tradition of baking, picnics and family



Of Easter Pie and Picnics, our Annual Rite: Family and friends have gathered at ranches, deer clubs, homesteads and  picnic grounds for centuries. For our Family, we come with fresh Easter Pies  and lamb for bbq. Friends bring a myriad of appetizers and dishes to round out the menu. For several years now, we  gather at a beautiful ranch in the Valley, Quinta Fay. Rain or shine, it is a tradition. But first, my family, still the lonely doves as we are only four and hoping the new generation will join us soon, make the Easer Pies and Italian Quiche, our meatless version. Jolene rolls the dough, Joan fills the pies, I crimp the edges and Ricardo, bless him, is the baker of all 50+ pies this year. Join us on a visual tour of our endeavors and family gathering.

If you would like to learn how to make Easter Pie, we are offering classes this week. Join us, we will have wine and also each take a couple of pies home, call 559-438-8677


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