Post Fresno Food Expo 2012: Reflections, Diary of a caterer


 Product Pac & Labels

Focused on the goal of readiness for the 2012 Fresno Food Expo, our task…to launch our Love & Garlic ‘Spreadables’. We began by designing a product label reflecting our product and artisan style. John, Founder of AdOctane, guided us with expert advice and design. Next in labeling, is the nutrition, ingredient and allergen information. To do this, we had to nail down our recipes. We consulted with a company, Infinity 2, Flavia Flores. From this, John could create the ‘fact’ sheet, the most important information for potential buyers




Booth & Product Presentation & Sales

When we contemplated the design of our booth, we wanted to dazzle with our Love & Garlic style. The design would reflect rustic yet contemporary abundance with fresh produce, all ingredients in our Spreadables. With tastes, a mini sample packet for buyers, booth signage, buyer product info, we were ready. We also had a short script to answer the most asked questions of potential buyers.






Open to the Public/CONSUMER POWER!

The show was in two parts: first, trade/buyers 8:00am -3:00pm and second, doors opened to the public 5:00pm.-8:00pm. Consumer demand could nudge the buyers into action. We want the public to enjoy, taste and compare our Spreaables. We offer at wineries, wine tasting rooms and hope that soon they will appear in specialty gourmet stores and gourmet departments in groceries. YOU CAN HELP! YOU ARE THE POWER BEHIND THE PRODUCT! REQUEST LOVE & GARLIC ‘SPREADABLES’ & thanks!





Our friend Agnes (owner) of Valley Lahvosh served our fig spreads with cinnamon flavored ‘Sweethearts’ and created a garlic heart shaped cracker just for us! We also served Valley Lahvosh crackers at our booth a nice marriage of  flavors.



Cooking Demo Vendor Partners

In addition, Amy Huerta, show coordinator asked us to do a cooking demonstration and to use ingredients from the vendors who participated in the Fresno Food Expo. We prepared our Signature Chicken Roulade using products from 1st Quality Produce, The Dairy Goddess, Busseto Foods, Inc. and The San Joaquin Wine Company. While I commented, Chef John chopped, sautéed, sliced and sauce and garnished, Love & Garlic style!

















Post Show Review

As a 24-7 caterer, producing and selling our newly launched Spreadables is another exciting day for Love and Garlic Artisan Foods and Catering.

In Italian, we say ‘atraversiamo’, crossing over. As caterer and producer of unique, stylish and fun foods, with Spreadables, we intend to deliver our farm fresh artisan flavors to as many people as possible, 6 ounces at a time, three flavors and our garlic crostini too!


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