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CRU Wine Company

CRU Winery is quite a jazzy place. With a spacious tasting room and grand bar for tasting the many wines offered and a large terrace, CRU is a great place to be.


Wine & Chocolate, the theme for Madera & Fresno Wine Trails, held last weekend just before Valentines Day is huge. Wine lovers from our Valley and beyond trek the Madera & Fresno Wine Trails to enjoy local vintages. We, Love and Garlic, were there to field test our ‘Love & Garlic Spreadables’- Lemon Artichoke Garlic, Fig Walnut and, of course, Roasted Garlic. Our slogan is: Soft cheesy spreadables infused with garlic, herbs, vegetables, dried fruits & nuts…designed for those people that love to get together, taste, compare flavors & have a good time! Seems to me, the minute I have a glass of wine in my hands, I search the area for food pairings.







Our Spreadables were a huge hit. Folks tasted and compared the spreads with each other and with the wines. Everyone took an interest telling us about the many different uses of the spreads, Lemon Garlic Artichoke Spreadable on top of pasta! Roasted Garlic Spreadable on a roll-up with roasted peppers and spinach! Fig Walnut on a Wheat Raisin Bagel! Spreadables are incredible edibles. Look for us at Gourmet & Specialty stores, Wineries (Engelmann Cellars) and Tasting Rooms (Water 2 Wine & The Tasting Room). Taste & Enjoy our Spreadables. Love and Garlic, Nancy V


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