The ‘Portugy’ & The Italian Our Family of Trees Babies!

Blossom's Blossoms

Blossom's Blossoms

Last March 2010, I wrote about Our Family of Trees. I expressed my longing for Blossom, our orange tree, to bear fruit. ( The ‘Portugy’ & the Italian Part III Orchard Vineyard Our Family of Trees) She has had only a dozen oranges in the last 15 years. I checked the advice of my Dad: Yes, she has had blossoms and yes, bees.  Still, Blossom has not produced abundant fruit. This year, I have hope. Blossom had blossoms and blossoms with bees swirling all around. I am counting her blossoms and my blessings. I see little tiny balls of citrus emerging from the blossom’s stem. I think I may get some children this year. During the summer, I will gratefully watch her fruit grow, pray for her babies, talk to her sweetly, inject her with nutrients and plenty of water. In December, citrus harvest time, I will know Blossom’s true virtue. I hope for a full crop of oranges, Hallelujah. Blossom has Babies! 

Look, Dad  Bees!
Look, Dad Bees!



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