On Thursday, September 16th, FRIBA, Fresno Regional Independent Business Alliance, our family of independent businesses convened at Gazebo Gardens for our first social, meet and greet and membership drive. We have a common, community interest at heart. Most of us have celebrated local Fresno culture and business for years. What FRIBA offers is a forum and agenda in which we can now interact and organize for a common cause. We are the locals: Valley Originals, Valley Independents, and Valley ‘Historicals’. The stories that we share of our origins, our paths, our glories, our Fresno we hope will inspire and ignite all to celebrate Fresno as we do.

 Today I will join Scott Miller of Gazebo Gardens at KYNO, local programming, by the way, to chat. About what? Our family of Fresnans, our gardens, our culture, our lives, our businesses. Join us. Love and Garlic, Nancy V  Fresno Crazy Proud!

 In the next weeks, I will post lists of Fresno Farmer’s & Local Markets, Local Artisans & Purveyors, Fresno Blogs & Sites, Recommended Books of Interest & Fresno Sites of Interest­. Check in to see the list grow; send me your faves!


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