Tough months April May and June; two years ago on Tuesday, April 21st, my dad broke his hip. That day, all would change. My parents would never reside in their family home again. Their life as it had been would be impossible to maintain; the independence they experienced all their lives, gone. After surgery, Dad spent weeks in rehab hospitals declining in weight, health and mostly attitude, “Counting time”, he would say. My sister and brother-in-law generously decided that Dad and Mom would move into their apartment connected to their home.

One year and a day later, on Wednesday, April 22nd Dad passed. My sister’s exact words when she called at 6:39 AM were, “Nancy, Dad has passed away.” Again, all would change for our family, especially Mom who had spent the last 66 years married to Dad. Profoundly sad, her life would never be the same. Thirty days later, to the day, I received a phone call from my sister, “What are you doing?” “I’m at work, I replied, come on over.” “No, she replied, I think you should come here. Mom doesn’t seem right. She is very weak.” One look at Rick and we were in the car, off to my sister’s home. Within an hour, I experienced the passing of the most important influential person in my lifetime, my Mom. Within a month of each other, both my parents had passed. 

What is it about human beings? We relive the moments: first a day later, next a week, a month and finally as the anniversary approaches, the event. April, May and June represent Dad’s passing, my last Mother’s Day with Mom spent in our family home, Mom’s passing, funerals in between and finally Father’s Day. Each day and memory, I reminisced and relived. In a way, I felt that embracing the memories would somehow bring me closer to my Mom and Dad. At the end of June, their passings were topped by another closure. My Sister’s and I convened to divide Mom’s jewelry. I didn’t want to do it. I thought if her jewelry was in tack, her presence more solid. I was wrong. Now I wear my Mom’s wedding ring and band, the stones redesigned by my Mom in a single ring. I feel honored that I wear the ring representing what Dad gave Mom on engagement and marriage. Talk about being close to my parents, there couldn’t be a better way. Although April, May and June I will remember as tough life changing months, I will reminisce with warm memories ingrained in me and caress those precious stones, all thanks to my Mom and Dad.


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