The ‘Portugy’ & the Italian Part II The Italian

If you’ve read the first install of The ‘Portugy’ & The Italian, you have learned that I believe the Portuguese way of thinking is cautious, one of counting and weighing and knowing at the beginning what you will receive.  

For me, the Italian way of thinking, or mine, is different. Rather than caution, the approach is inviting, one of hospitality and generosity. Call it a salesman’s approach, “Try it, take it home.”   “Don’t worry about it.” In fact, the cost may not be monetary. The idea is to obligate the buyer in a way that they will ‘owe’ you something, a trade, a favor. The deal is more than fine with the ‘buyer’ for it builds a relationship of give and take. Our reward is not necessarily defined at the beginning, more likely at the outcome.


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