Master of Science in Positive Psychology

相对而言,很少有心理学研究聚焦于繁荣和积极的人类功能的研究. Happiness, life satisfaction, meaning in life, gratitude, compassion and forgiveness remained unexplored.马丁·塞利格曼(Martin Seligman)让心理学家调查是什么让生活幸福而不是不幸福. Since then, 皇冠搏彩App已经看到了关于人们需要做些什么来体验幸福和成功应对生活挑战的研究.

  • Three unique graduate Positive Psychology tracks: Coaching Psychology, Secular Ethics and Contemplative Science, And General
  • One of only three Positive Psychology programs in the United States, and the only one in the Southeast
  • The General, and Coaching Psychology tracks can be completed in three quarters, the Secular Ethics and Contemplative Science in six

“与(教授们)的交流是最好的——他们在我需要做的所有方面都帮助了我. I was grateful.”

Alvin Codner, Alumnus: Master of Science in Positive Psychology — Coaching Track

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