Hot Broth – The Cure

Winter is here and the cold weather upon us. To combat the sickness all around, Rick and I renew our winter tradition and best resistance to sickness, Hot Broth – the Cure. In fact, one winter, every night as I crossed our threshold, Rick handed me a bowl of Hot Broth, warm fulfilling restorative broth loaded with chili, garlic and additional cold combatant ingredients. I don’t think I caught a cold that season, nor any season as long as we followed our tradition of Hot Broth. This mystical broth combats all that ails us and bolsters our immune system. Hot Broth is a simple formula: broth, chili, acid and alcohol along with greens and garlic. Any broth, chicken, beef or vegetable will do. Our choice of chili abounds, chili oil, chili flakes, fresh Jalapeno, Serrano or Thai and more. The acid can be lemon, lime, vinegar or wine. For greens, our favorites are spinach or Swiss chard however our Mom’s would often include escarole, kale, cabbage or even mustard and collard greens. Don’t forget the garlic, fresh chopped, coarse, minced or whole cloves. Anyway you like it but make certain, there is plenty. And by the way, a good shot of alcohol does it, brandy, bourbon;  however, I’ve not tried vodka or gin.  As a kid, Dad would give us a Hot Toddy, the only resemblance of our tradition. Simply hot milk and a small bit of brandy was his recipe and after drinking it, directions to “Pull those covers up and go to sleep!” Often I would get a rub down with Metholadum before the piles of bed covers were tucked under my chin. So when the winds chill you to the bone and the germs want to overtake your body, cook up some Hot Broth and cure what ails you!

Love and Garlic, Nancy Vajretti celebrating Mom & The Cooking Secrets of the Lazy V!


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